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Every year the Social Work La Caixa dedicates a week to the Challenge Emprende; Where 35 teams of young people from different countries attend a week of training in the city of Barcelona. In May, for the second consecutive year, two teams from Pies Descalzos Colleges were invited to participate in such a gratifying encounter.

For the Pies Descalzos Foundation, it was a source of pride to have participated in Desafío Emprende, since there were 1.400 participating projects and only 35 winners.

As a representation Pies Descalzos was attended by 7 students, 4 from the Cartagena school and 3 from the school in Barranquilla; accompanied by the Headmaster and Regional Coordinator of Cartagena. The children created innovative projects, environmentally conscious, both human and natural, and also environmentally friendly.

What were the projects?

The Cartagena team focused on saving water, but wanted to go beyond the sensors that close the faucets automatically. That’s why his project was based on an application that aims to change people’s behavior, making them more time conscious when opening a faucet. This App works with a sensor on the water tap that is connected to the cell phone, and it alerts users, through an alarm, whenever they run out of time to use the water resource.

The project of the students of Barranquilla is to create intelligent bracelets that are intended to save the lives of people trapped in natural disasters. These bracelets, called “eyes of first responders”, emit a strong signal that will warn and guide rescuers in times of danger, among debris or in search moments. In addition, the device will be able to monitor the heart rate and essential information of the person who has it, such as chronic diseases and allergies.

We invite you to see the students presenting their projects:



Both students and team of the Pies Descalzos Foundation, we want to thank La Caixa Social Work for a week of wonderful experiences, where there was learning in many aspects of our lives, beyond the enterprise. For the children this experience generated a change in their lives and their vision of future, also wanting to become Caixa Leaders within their schools.

If you want to know more about Desafío Emprende we invite you to enter the following link:

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