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World’s Largest Lesson

Big things are achieved when knowledge, conviction and the desire to help, gather up together. In July, a group of young people from more than 120 countries came to the city of Cartagena, Colombia to live the “World’s Largest Lesson” workshop.

On this day, everything was about Sustainable Development Goals , created by UNICEF and Project “Everyone” in order to motivate students and teachers to study more about this theme.

World’s Largest Lesson in Barefoot

In partnership with AIESEC, young participants of the Global YouthSpeak * Forum visited several schools in Cartagena, to make the students concious of their roll as citizens of the world, through the understanding of what  Sustainable development is.

The main point of the activity was based on the review of factors wich affect our environment. At the end of the day, the students had created a space where each one was concious of their legacy in our actual society.

* What is the Global YouthSpeak Forum?

It’s a space where young people around the world come together to listen to the leaders who witness change; also, there’s time to introduce  projects that promote Sustainable Development Objectives. This time in Cartagena, the main objective was  number 4: ” High Quality Education “.

High Quality Education is our fundamental pillar, because in Pies Descalzos we believe that education is a fundamental right that everyone should be able to access.


World’s Largest Lesson Methodology:


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