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Welfare Festival

It’s no secret that Quibdó has been a forgotten city and Chocó has been strongly affected by war in Colombia, however, it’s a place full of people who smile and work hard every single day in order to reach a  better future, a better education and overcome difficulties by turning them into chances.

Chocó has always been a target for the non-governmental organizations and international humanitarian aid institutions to give a helping hand. Part of the humanitarian support, was The Welfare and health festival led by the humanitarian international aid team “Equipos Móviles”.  The main objective was to provide support to displaced populations in different areas of health, culture and art.

The Festival was carried out in vulnerable neighborhoods like Reposo, Santo Domingo, Ciudadela Mía and Bonanza, in which more than 150 volunteers specialized in different professions and from different regions of Colombia Mexico and United States, were mobilized.

The strong points of the festival, to which the neighborhoods of Quibdó had access to, were Health, dentistry, vaccines, veterinary, creation, scenic arts, music, legal advice, speech and workshops about values to generate a healthy coexistence, and to strengthen the social tissue.

Pies Descalzos joins this Festival with the Nutrition and Tools for life programs. Thanks to the alliance with Nourish the Children, we gave away more tan 160 Vitameal packs to boys and girls who once had nutritional issues.

Also, in our project called “Creciendo en Amor”, we provide advice to families on the upbringing and the importance of the good treatment that all the children and young people should receive.

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