Footprints for life

We transform learning environments

The staff of teachers reflects on learning spaces in order to resignify them and offer an adequate environment for students.

With the aim of constantly improving our educational work, the teachers were invited to a new “Learning Environments” workshop.  For this occasion, the objective was to remember the importance of design from emotions, in order to move the material as the center of the workshop and in contrast to account for the importance of the purpose of the space.  As part of the context of the activity, we reflected on rescuing the voices of children for the creation and constitution of spaces.


What is playing for an adult?

We ask ourselves this question in order to reflect that this is one of the actions that children take more seriously.  This is how the teachers recognized the importance of giving a certain ritual sense to the sessions and spaces from the habit created by them for their students.

The challenge for teachers is to position the place they live, that is why during the workshop they are invited to investigate and document what happens in their classrooms;  this with the firm purpose of transcending the institutional and that the exercise has a strong meaning in everyday life.

In this way, spaces for reflection on elements such as gestures, voices and rituals were also generated;  also worked on the materials and furnishings used in the classroom and the relationship with them.  The faculty was invited to constantly question why and what things are done for;  always focused on rescuing the uniqueness of each child.

We want to strive for an education that promotes the dreams of children, that breaks the cycle of poverty;  and we know that ensuring adequate learning environments is a fundamental pillar to achieve this goal.

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