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The Music Production Club is an initiative aimed at students who live in areas of difficult access to Information Technology tools. During three weeks, the students lived an experience in which, through the learning of simple techniques of musical production, they activate soft skills and mathematical thinking, allowing them to obtain abilities to solve daily and technological problems of the current world.

In Quibdó, in “Comuna Seis” (District Six) of the Montebello neighborhood, where the Pies Descalzos Foundation operates, a group of children took advantage of the company of Diego Romero, creator of the Musical Production Club Project. During the training process, the main protagonists were the students who created musical tracks and together wrote the lyrics of a song titled “Yo Quiero”. The lyrics of this song are the result of an exercise in which students had to think about the things that are most valuable to them, places where they feel comfortable and happy and finally a reflection on what they would do to take care of those things mentioned.

The music classes were a space in which the students learned to use technology as a creation tool and recognize that it can be used beyond the game and the consumption of videos.

We thank Diego Romero for bringing his musical project to the children of Pies Descalzos and for contributing with the process of a of obtaining a higher quality education for them.

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