Footprints for life

We Leave Our Green Footprint

Taking care of our planet is a matter for all of us. Pies Descalzos is committed to generate spaces for reflection and to take action over the environment in which we live. That’s how in the framework of Earth Day, the School Environmental Project (PRAE), led by Science teachers and Pies Descalzos team, carried out a series of activities, which are also articulated with an integral process of Ecological awareness with all the educational community.

The children and youth of IED Pies Descalzos – Cartagena, are involved in a process that seeks to train leaders who care for the environment; these kids are the Environmental Caretakers in each of the classrooms. These teams ensure the proper functioning of the green spaces and the recycling dynamics that each course has.

Through the Tree-Planting program, recycling concerning and with the awareness on water, earth and nature care, Earth Day was developed in the I.E.D Pies Descalzos – Cartagena. For these activities we count with the participation of the Hotel Santa Clara, which is why we would like to thank them for their presence and collaboration.

Let’s all reflect on the importance of creating these moments and spaces, not only in classrooms, but also in our homes and our communities. These processes generate meaningful learning for the population, starting from an individual activity to achieve a collective benefit; fundamental learning in the development of a more tolerant, respectful and inclusive society.

Finally, let us remember that just as the care of the environment is everyone’s business, the construction of a better future and a more conscious society is also a matter for everyone.

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