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We Know The Wave Method

The students of the Pies Descalzos Schools of Barranquilla, Cartagena and Quibdó had the opportunity to experience the activities that make up the Wave Method. This happened thanks to the visit of Dani Martínez who, on behalf of the WAVE team, has traveled to our country with the purpose of implementing the Method in the Pies Descalzos schools.

During the development of the activities, a presentation for the teachers was also included, where the importance of the practice of sports activities that promote integral growth and the development of multiple intelligences was evidenced. It is also important to emphasize that this program is applicable in any corner of the planet with simple tools that are available to everyone.

What is the Wave Method?

It is a set of strategies and tools to optimize the educational process of children. The word method comes from a Greek grapheme which means road or way. Here movement is used as a road and way to evolve current education.

In this way, Wave enhances Neurogenesis, increasing intellectual capacity and academic performance. The method generates positive experiences, emotions and feelings that multiply the cognitive, emotional and social physical abilities of children.

What is the objective?

To get dads, moms, teachers and coaches to be able to help children build a large motor memory. This will give them the ability to successfully develop any activity, both sporting and everyday, from childhood to adulthood.

With the Wave Method, a dream is pursued: that all the children of the world grow with self-esteem, security, health, autonomy, values and happiness. Thanks Dani for coming to our country! We shared great experiences and we learned incredible things.

To learn more you can go to or follow them on their social networks: Instagram @metodowave, @hoyvienedani and Facebook MetodoWave.

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