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We Celebrate The Water Day

Within our educational model, we consider it very important to include moments and projects in which care for the environment prevails. That is why our coordinating team of the School Environmental Project, organized the celebration of the international day of water in the I.E.D Pies Descalzos – Cartagena, last April.

To understand the context, it is very important to mention that Colombia is well above the international standard that allows up to 30% of waste of water. According to a report by the National Planning Department in our country, water waste reaches 43%, with the Caribbean coast being the most wasteful place, reaching 82%. This is a situation that concerns both the School Environmental Project and the students of the Educational Institution.

It is for this reason that for the day of the water, the students carried out activities that sought to raise awareness for the care of this within the educational community. The dynamics consisted in making a mural, in which all the students had to paste messages allusive to the preservation of the water in silhouettes of drops, alluding to the natural resource. However, this was not all; a group of students created a project of entrepreneurship that consists in the application of a system that allows the sustainable use of the water resource.


How does the project work?

Our young entrepreneurs imagined a system that would function as a timer in the use of water during hand washing, dishes, or in the shower. The purpose of the system is to raise awareness about the time during which water is wasted, that is why the timer will sound an alarm when the user exceeds the time of reasonable use of the resource. This alarm will not stop ringing until the user closes the key. It is very important to mention that the ideal of the project is that people are aware of the time when opening a water faucet; that is why the timer does not automatically close the key, but forces the user to do so, trying to change its behavior in it and thus to function in the long term as an agent of change in consciousness.

Thus, through the development of activities and innovation of students, the School Environmental Project seeks to fulfill one of the objectives set at the beginning of the year, all this with the help of Team Pies Descalzos in Cartagena.

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