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Visual Health Brigade

At Pies Descalzos Foundation we are convinced that a quality public education has to be complemented by different strategies and care. That is why within our model of intervention we take into account the spaces that care for the health of children and young people.

We believe that one of the factors that affect the student performance is the not detecting visual problems at time; these cause low motivation, difficulties to read and exhaustion of sight because of the effort that the student must do. That is why, in partnership with Charity Vision and the Metropolitan University, a visual health assessment was carried out. We have the support of specialists and students of the program of optometry in the facilities of the Pies Descalzos and San Vicente schools.

During this day 448 students of the Pies Descalzos Foundation and around 700 students of the IED San Vicente attended. The specialists valued the visual capacity of the individual; tested for color perception; stereopsis tests (fine depth view); ocular motility (assessment of the patient’s motor status); refraction (determination of the refractive state) and ophthalmoscopy (assessment of the fundus of the eye).

This assessment left a focus group of students for the delivery of lenses, and in this way take care of their visual health and thus provide them with a fundamental tool in their learning process.

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