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Transiting through the school

Continuity, coherence and high quality in the school transit between preschool and the first grades of elementary school, is the central purpose of TRANSITANDO LA ESCUELA, a Pies Descalzos initiative aimed at public school teachers to contribute to the educational quality of through effective learning practices that enable boys and girls to have social, cognitive and emotional skills that allow them to advance affectively between the transition grade to third grade of primary school.

How do we do it?
Let’s talk about the axes of work that build this project

– Shared Vision: Promote, through a shared vision and sense of purpose, the continuity and coherence of educational experiences between levels and grades.

– Learning environments: Have spaces that facilitate the continuity of quality processes (teaching-learning) between initial education and the first years of school.

– Appropriate and Effective Pedagogical Practices: Promote the development and learning of children, based on the implementation of pedagogical practices of excellence based on evidence.

– Curricular Alignment: Ensuring curricular coherence between levels and grades for adaptation and development of boys and girls.

– Family Involvement: Encourage the establishment of alliances between home and school

This is how we seek equity and quality, through the improvement of the process-transit of boys and girls between their initial education and their primary education. We are convinced that this moment of transition in the lives of students must be constituted within the prior knowledge, experience and collaborative ties between families and education service providers. It is there, where from our work as the Pies Descalzos Foundation, we want to ensure an adequate and quality transit that allows children to have meaningful and positive learning experiences in their school life.

Currently, the Transiting the School project benefits more than 600 boys and girls in the Barranquilla and Cartagena schools of the Pies Descalzos Foundation.


  1. Early Childhood Education: Kindergarten and Garden Spaces
  2. Preschool Education: Transition grade
  3. Primary Education: First to fifth of basic elementary

* This document is a short adaptation of its base document: Transiting the School Project, written by Carolina Quiroga, Project Director of the Pies Descalzos Foundation

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