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The Healer

Each solidarity demonstration we receive in the Pies Descalzos Foundation, fills us with joy and motivates us to keep on working hard towards a Quality Public Education for our Colombian children. This time, it was the director of the film “The Healer”, Paco Arango, who gave us a giant example for solidarity, donating  the collected resources from his film to three Colombian Foundations: Sanar Cáncer, Ellen Riegner and ours: Pies Descalzos.

Thanks to him and more than 600.000 people who have gone to see “The Healer”, we can now make a real transformation in the life of thousands of children in Colombia. With each Cinema ticket, they support spaces, chances and worthy processes in education and health for our Children, who live in the poverty consequences of our country,  a country that belongs to all.

In Pies Descalzos we know that education is a fundamental right for all children and young people in the country; that is why we will invest the resources donated by Paco Arango in supporting the education of almost 1,000 children in situations of poverty and vulnerability in Cartagena. We also know that, like our founder says, education is the opportunity that makes us all the same, and that’s why the more support we can raise more children will have access to the same opportunities.

Today we invite you again to join us in spreading this message, so more people from all over the country can join this cause and we can deliver 1,000,000 smiles to children who need Quality Public Education and decent health processes in the treatment of diseases like cancer.

Find the movie in your nearest cinema!


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