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We joined Smartick to improve the learning of mathematics

The Foundation Pies Descalzos and Smartick join to improve the learning of mathematics of the boys and girls of Colombia

The schools supported by the Foundation located in Barranquilla, Cartagena and Quibdó incorporate the successful Smartick global method.  Through this alliance, more than 500 children will be able to develop their math skills in an efficient and personalized way.

Quality Public Education is one of the pillars on which the Pies Descalzos Foundation was created.  An initiative led by the renowned singer Shakira, who together with the Foundation aims to promote personal growth and sustainable development of communities through education.To the date, the Foundation has been a champion of a large number of projects that helps to promote the education of children and young people living in areas of high vulnerability in the country.

This has become one of the work focuses of the organization, especially when they have detected that more than 5 million children in the country do not have access to a quality training system.  One of the most successful initiatives that has led in the country is the Pies Descalzos District Educational Institution in the Corregimiento La Playa, Barranquilla;  which has been recognized for the evolution it has had in recent years in the Saber Tests 11.

To do this, the Foundation has had the opportunity to implement strategies and work plans to which public and private sector organizations have been linked.  One of these is the one that today is formalized with Smartick, a method that students from all over the world use to improve their learning process of mathematics through artificial intelligence.  Today it’s work has been recognized by educational institutions such as Harvard and MIT and is used by thousands of children in more than 100 countries.

This is how Smartick has committed to the Pies Descalzos Foundation to deliver 500 licenses for the study of mathematics, which will be used by students in the Caribbean and Pacific region of Colombia.  These also become a vehicle that will allow the effort that has been made to modernize educational methodologies to be promoted.

In this way, Smartick, a system based on the most advanced artificial intelligence in the market, makes its contribution so that the Foundation continues to strengthen its leadership position in the public education system in Colombia.  This is a long-term relationship that will extend for about five years and for which about 725 million pesos will be invested.

“Mathematics is the key to the future of children and the partnership with Smartick will allow children in our schools to learn mathematics and develop critical thinking skills to solve problems while improving their reading comprehension. Motivation in children is vital to achieve passion for learning. We clap your support in the great challenge we assume to improve learning and get closer to the existing gaps between public and private schools, ” said Patricia Sierra, Executive Director of Pies Descalzos Foundation.

It has been proven that with this method of online learning, eight out of ten students improve their learning in mathematics and 94% increase their ability to calculate, logic and problem solving.

“Due to Access to quality education and a good command of mathematics are factors that will be decisive in the future of the children of this generation. Based on this concern we seek to offer an opportunity to Colombian students so that they can benefit from personalized and tailored learning for each student with which they can increase their math skills with only 15 minutes a day.  It is the contribution we want to offer to the future of Colombia’s children, ” says Javier Arroyo, co-founder of Smartick.

Today this method, mostly used in a particular way by families, reaches three educational institutions of the Pies Descalzos Foundation located in three areas of high influence of children in the country: I.E.D.  Pies Descalzos Foundation Corregimiento La Playa in Barranquilla;  I.E.  Pies Descalzos Foundation Lomas del Peyé in Cartagena and the Instituto Tecnológico Antonio Ricaurte, María Berchmans Headquarters, in Quibdó.

Above all the students of these schools will have the opportunity to access countless tests and exercises with which they can increase their knowledge in a fun and motivating way. These will have the advice of teachers of the Foundation who have knowledge about the operation of the platform thanks to the accompaniment carried out by Smartick in the classroom.

“From the District we have been betting on educational quality strategies that allow us to provide our students with the necessary tools to face their future.  With the Singapore method, we managed to unify the whole process of teaching mathematics in all the official schools of Barranquilla, with an articulated work that we have been developing for more than 3 years, for the integral formation of both students and teachers “ said Bibiana Rincón  Secretary of Education of Barranquilla.

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