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FPD and Lenovo bet on technology to transform classrooms

The Pies Descalzos Foundation, within the framework of the 10th anniversary celebration of the Pies Descalzos La Playa de Barranquilla Educational Institution, will announce an alliance with the technology company Lenovo, in order to integrate technological solutions into the pedagogical initiatives of the Foundation, which will transform the quality of teaching and learning spaces for boys and girls into collaborative work with teachers, managers and students.

According to a United Nations report entitled ‘The Global Learning Crisis’, there is a quality problem in learning and it is necessary to “change the environment, work with teachers, have better pedagogical resources for quality and evaluate the processes ”.

And it is precisely what this alliance will develop within the framework of the project “One question – Lenovo”, an initiative of Pies Descalzos that aims to promote, based on a question, inquiry, the search for information, conversation and collaborative work supported by Lenovo solutions for education and digital educational content developed and donated by Editorial Santillana. This so that students assume a central role in their learning process and develop the foundations of scientific thought, while the teacher also resignifies their role as the mediator or manager of a meaningful learning environment.

This will allow the development of collaborative strategies that enhance the teaching-learning processes, delivering different experiences to students, through, for example, virtual reality tools that improve the way they interact with the knowledge that is built while they are in the classroom.

For Patricia Sierra, Executive Director of the Pies Descalzos Foundation “Education is an emergency of the present in Barranquilla, in Colombia and in the world. We need to educate for the present and for change and that requires us to reinvent ourselves and work together to be able to attend to the transformations we are experiencing. ”

Students and teachers must be updated and the classroom must also be transformed so that technology, as a medium, becomes a truly valuable tool when used appropriately in education at any level.

For his part, Samir Estefan, manager of Lenovo Education for Latin America, assured that “Our purpose is to deliver a transformative experience in the classrooms of Educational Institutions. Education requires a transformation beyond technology itself, which takes into account the learning methodology to be implemented, the design and even the colors of the classroom, the technological skills of the teacher and students to later know what type of hardware, software and service is required, as well as so-called soft skills. ”

The truth is that it is urgent to transform current didactics and methodologies, into models that allow the student to build knowledge, know how to acquire it, validate it for himself and especially, how to function in a changing society where, in addition to technology, soft and emotional intelligence will also be factors of success in the job market.

For this reason, during the celebration, the Fundación Pies Descalzos La Playa Educational Institution will go beyond its anniversary and will activate a conversation in the city’s educational community about technology and innovation in the classrooms of public schools.

The event will feature the participation of teachers, educational leaders, experts and students who will discuss the challenges of integrating technology and innovation into learning processes in public education, as well as the challenges of the last ten years and the challenges of the next decade, as its evolution in Barranquilla, has evidenced that the commitment and articulated work of the public sector, the private sector and the educational community plays a fundamental role in establishing education as a path of change and transformation of the city.

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