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Student Elections

At the Pies Descalzos Foundation we aim to form competent citizens of the world who are tolerant, have a sense of belonging and leadership skills, and who are able to contribute to the transformation of the their communities with full knowledge of the social changes that surround them.

In accordance with the above and in accordance with the democratic principles framed in our political constitution, we promote student participation in activities that support participatory democracy. It was within this context that the election of a student representative for 2018 took place.

Development of the activity

The activity consisted of presentations by the student candidates in front of the whole educational community about their proposals for leadership projects. This activity allowed the candidates, eleventh-grade students Keila Jaime Pérez and José David Muegues Santana, to debate and argue about their vision of the school, its academic purposes, the way of perceiving the processes of its teachers and peers, as well as of the ideas they planned to pursue if chosen as the student representative.

After this activity, an election was held in which students from the transition, primary and baccalaureate grade levels voted electronically. The election was directed by the school’s social sciences teachers. The winner of the election was student José David Muegues.

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