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Shakira, One Of The Great Leaders Of 2017 According To Fortune

Fortune Magazine, one of the most globally recognized business magazines, characterized by its deep research and great follower community, has chosen Shakira Mebarak as one of the great world leaders of 2017.

Fortune highlights Shakira’s philanthropic work in Colombia, where she has supported the education of more than 6,000 children since 1997. She also emphasizes that thanks to her 104 million Facebook followers and over 40 million other social networks, the most followed woman on the planet takes advantage of these platforms to work and be the voice of all children in vulnerability situations.

We are proud to develop the work of our founder and make her one of the great leaders of the year 2017. The Pies Descalzos Foundation, always in the hands of Shakira, works for Quality Public Education in Colombia, for the children that are in vulnerability situations, can access an education that allows them to have the same opportunities and tools as the rest of the world’s children. Our dream is that every student can achieve as high as he proposes.

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