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Educational infrastructure in Tibú, Catatumbo

Knowing the importance of providing quality education in Colombia, we expanded to the department of Norte de Santander, specifically to the municipality of Tibú, to provide educational infrastructure in El Catatumbo.

Thus, on a 30,000 m² lot previously owned by Ecopetrol and ceded to the municipality of Tibú, we will build a 6,200 m² school that will benefit 960 students in a single-day program and 120 students in the Child Development Center. Moreover, it will also be a reference building of good practices in Tibú to inspire teachers and principals to transform their practices:

Educational infrastructure in El Catatumbo

Likewise, we will also support the teaching and learning processes of the student’s educational trajectory for an initial period of three years.

Not only the Foundation is already supporting these processes in the region but also the school’s opening will allow us to continue and strengthen our support and accompaniment to communities and other actors involved.

Additionally, we will align the FPD projects to the school’ PEI developed by the Ministry of Education, according to the needs that arise.

That is to say, all this is intended to provide capacities to teachers and staff within the school to continue applying Effective Educational Practices and ensure the improvement of educational quality.

Given these points, the project is a bet in Tibú, hoping to become an educational city with academic training interventions and a space to provide new and better opportunities for progress and growth.

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