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Río, Juego y Aprendo

Alongside Aeiotú Foundation and the Faculty of Education of the Universidad de los Andes, the project designs and implements a model to improve quality education by learning through play – LTP strategies. The above promotes an integral development of children between 0 to 8 years old in the department of Caquetá.

Rio, juego y aprendo

Thus, to contribute to improving quality education through LTP strategies, the project has a positive impact on children’s development in early education services, preschool to third grade, and strengthens families and communities who have historically been affected by violence.

In essence, all organizations arrived at Caquetá to benefit more than 790 teachers, besides 12,704 direct students and 12,200 indirect students.

Moreover, the project involves local and national government decision-makers, the academic community, and civil society to achieve quality education and promote learning opportunities in Caquetá.

Rio, juego y aprendo
Launching the project in November, 2021

Under a co-construction with communities, the project has developed a capacity-building model for teachers to strengthen pedagogical practices through a broader vision of LTP. As a result, it eases positive and joyful learning experiences for children under eight years of age. Likewise, a process in which the knowledge and voices of the department’s teachers and leaders of the educational system have been gathered.

Besides, the model is supported by LTP tools for teachers and families, and to strengthen government programs like the “Everybody learning program” and MAS+.

Similarly, joint work with audiences, such as teachers, families, and decision-makers, has left a message the project wants to disseminate: “Weaving networks for children in Caquetá.

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