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Educational Infrastructure in Guajira

27 educational spaces under construction

To increase educational coverage in rural areas of Colombia, we are developing the following educational infrastructure projects in the department of La Guajira:



In 2022 we delivered a new construction; this time in the municipality of Manaure. It is the Kanewuakat educational farm, an educational space that will impact 200 students from the Wayúu community in the Manaure savannah.

Kanewuakat is one of the sites of the Caracas Ruleya ethno-educational center, and has the adaptation of educational spaces such as classrooms, dining room, kitchen, and toilets.

Kanewuakat is a pedagogical farm, inspired by the ancestral origins of La Guajira and is integrated with the local culture, allowing the cohesion between the cultural background and the aboriginal roots with the current pedagogical process.

We are also developing other educational infrastructure projects in two other municipalities in the department:

Norberto Iguarán – Maicao.

The construction was completed in January 2023 and is expected to impact more than 200 students in the educational institution. Also, the delivery included sanitary batteries, multiple classrooms, and classrooms for the students. We are currently collecting information on the enrollment process for 2023.

Ware Waren – Albania

We are finishing the work that consists of the delivery of classrooms, multiple classrooms, and toilets for more than 100 students.

Educational infrastructure projects

The educational infrastructure projects that we are developing in the territory will have a total impact on more than 500 students living in rural and dispersed rural areas in the department.

We want to continue contributing to the quality of education through spaces that promote the learning of children and teenagers, as well as to promote access to and permanence in school.

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