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Peyé’s Storytellers

We know that the developing communicative skills are fundamental for the education of our students. We understand that they are not only tools in their academic processes, but will be fundamental skills in the development of their professional lives. This is why we choose to potentiate the development for these communicative processes, while we promote a sense of belonging to the region. We have been forging this practice with a project named “contadores de historias”.

In our Educational Institution of Cartagena, which is located in Lomas del Peyé sector, this project has gained great relevance, summoning a significant group of students, who immerse themselves in a communication world, working from their own expressions. Thus, this space is a pretext to share stories about their neighborhood, in an oral, written or visual way.

This year, 40 new students entered the project, and in order to increase the motivation of this group, the Creative Writing Workshop has joined the cause. The young people who received the workshop discovered that imagination and writing goes hand in hand, becoming meaningful knowledge; so in this way we build communicative processes which will be useful for their academic and professional life.

In 2016, the Storyteller’s final project was made tangible through a digital space where the students published their texts, their stories and their photographs. Having the opportunity to publish your writings in this space becomes a motivation for our 2017 accountants.

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Finally, we would like to thank ARTICASE and the Santa Rita Foundation for Education and Promotion (FUNSAREP), with whom we teamed up to achieve the optimum development of the activity.


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