Footprints for life

Our Teachers, Fundamental Actors

The role of teachers is fundamental in any society. We all have had a teacher who has impact in our lives, we have all at one time been teachers of others, and with our example we formed the youngest. However, it is the teachers who build with their knowledge and teachings the future of the young. It is they who provide their knowledge and build the future of our society.

Knowing that they are so important actors in our goal of achieving a transformation through education, we promoted a space for participation and integration for teachers, addressing different institutional issues.

The headquarters of the Educational Institution Antonio Ricaurte was the meeting place for 58 teachers that during 3 weekends followed the instructions of the municipal directives and worked conscientiously in the improvement of the educative processes.


How was it carried out?

With the support of different specialists in the educational area, teachers were trained in different topics such as the importance and organization of institutional improvement plans, the patrimonial responsibility of teachers and the institution. They also received training in techniques to rethink some contents of the coexistence manual.

By the end of the day, the teachers shared some moments of recreation and recreation; within which bonds of friendship and companionship were created. These moments are fundamental for the optimal development of teamwork that accompanies the teaching work of our institutions.

Thank you teachers for teaching us how to be better! Thanks for building with us a better tomorrow!


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