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Mural Colors Beyond – Let’s Draw Our Future

We know that the volunteer space is very important for the development of the students in the educational institutions that we support. We have witnessed the productive and significant projects that have resulted from these experiences. As is the case of “Defenders of the Environment”, the workshops in entrepreneurship and financial education, “The greatest lesson in the world” and in this case “Colors Beyond”.


The ArtistLove Association group consists of Irantzú, anthropologist and Ferran, a psychologist, who join their passion for the arts to make a social transformation from the educational level, visiting different places of the world through the “Colors Beyond” proposal. This time the turn was for Barranquilla, where ArtistLove decided to apply his project in the Educational Institution Pies Descalzos.


Children, young people, teachers and parents participated in the elaboration of a mural, in which the emblematic symbol is the Rainbow Project along with the phrase “Listening to our dreams, drawing our future”, a phrase chosen by all participants because of the identity it generates. There were captured the goals and talents of our educational community, leaving their mark and brush that will last for a long time.


“Colors Beyond – South America” ​​is an international collaboration project promoted by ARTISTLOVE Association. During the current year and 2018, the territory that will host the initiatives of the entity will be South America with the same common goal: “to promote social transformation through community and educational artistic interventions.”


The starting point for the “Colors Beyond” project is the active and protagonist role played by local teams, aware of their realities, problems and strengths. The role of ARTISTLOVE is presented as an ally capable of sharing methodologies, participatory processes and community artistic creations for the benefit of the community through education.


If you want to know more about the project we invite you to visit his Website:


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