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Multicultural Colombia

At the Pies Descalzos Foundation we know that equality is a fundamental right. That is why our educational model includes projects and activities that sensitize and reinforce the recognition that although we may have differences, we are all equals.

It is a tradition at the District Educational Institution Pies Descalzos Foundation of Barranquilla to hold the “Colombia Multicultural” event at the end of each school year. This event brings children closer to Colombian identity and reinforces values such as solidarity, love and respect, regardless of race, religion or gender, to help build peace. This activity also highlights teamwork, communication, cooperation and competitiveness, through sports, cultural and gastronomic activities that bring the families of Pies Descalzos together.

The Social Sciences teachers’ main objective for this event is to rescue the cultural identity of Colombia through an investigation of the customs and traditions of each of its regions.

During Multicultural Colombia Week, students and teachers lead activities each day that frame the cultural traditions of each of the zones. The students of each grade come together to represent one of the six regions of Colombia: Andean, Pacific, Caribbean, Orinoco, Amazonian and Insular. The entire educational community, from students to parents, come together to color and shape this activity through stands with all the relevant information of each territory, including culinary, cultural and sports samples that frame the essence of being Colombian.

Multicultural Colombia week is a great party that all members of the school are a part of.

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