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Love for the Letters

We recognize reading spaces as a fundamental part of the development of quality education. Therefore, within the implementation of the Pileo Project (reading, writing, and orality), a day of sensitization and promotion of reading was carried out. Thanks to the support of the Language Area of ​​the Pies Descalzos Institution – Cartagena and the Biblioparque de San Francisco, the students were encouraged to practice reading, which aims love for literature and writing.

The activity consisted of a guided visit to the library, of all grades: from kinder garden to eleventh grade. The purpose of this tour was for the students to know the functions, uses and resources of the library. In order to familiarize the student population with the spaces, in addition to strengthening reading habits, which are projected to writing.

Within the Library several spaces were proposed, among them: recommended books as a loan; the mural of the “piropos” where the oral tradition was promoted, and the meaning that this oral resource has as a strategy to praise the virtues of a man or a woman. In addition, a room called “el toldo literario” (the literary awning) was presented on the premises; in this one, they were cradle stories, night songs and night poems. Finally, the children studied were in the room “pint your story”, where a story was read and the boys let their imagination fly through the process of drawing.

In the Pies Descalzos Educational Institution, we will continue adding efforts to promote the habit of reading in students; as a tool that allows developing creative, critical and reflective thinking.

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