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Let’s Recognize Ourselves Among Differences

Colombia is a country known by its multiculturalism; it’s population with different beliefs, customs, accents, postures, thoughts and skin tones shape a country through education, tolerance and respect searching for a long lasting peace for later generations.

In this framework, the Pies Descalzos Foundation launched the project “Colores Piel”, hoping that the children learn and recognize through a color box, that there is more than one Skin tone and not only the universally known pink, but yellow, pink, brown and black tones which exist around the whole world.

How does the project work?

With a small book called “Lupe y Rinoberta”, the students’ immerse themselves into a traveling trip with the characters; they will meet people, customs, and places worldwide. The book suggests the children to color the characters in the story, depending on the place they come from.

Special Thanks to

Libros y Libros joins the “Colores Piel” initiative donating a total sum of 3.020 “Lupe and Rinoberta” books; which were given to the children in the schools we support in order to learn in a fun way, that the color Skin is for everyone, we are all equal and that in order to build a country in peace, we need to understand and apply respect for the contrasts in our lives.

For 2018, we hope to launch our second edition of Colores Piel, and this time the story is called “Gonzalo y Manuela”, about a trip only around Colombia and it’s intended for Secondary School children.

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