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Improvement Of Educational Spaces In Quibdó

Quality Public Education is the main objective of The Pies Descalzos Foundation. We feel that the infrastructure and learning environments are second in imprtance behind our teachers and fundamental educational elements. We believe that quality education starts with quality spaces for learning.

During the last few weeks we have developed improvements and adjustments at the Pies Descalzos de Quibdó headquarters. These structural modifications were made for the welfare of the educational community. Thanks to the new layout of the spaces, development of innovative methodologies within the classroom can be achieved.

A tour of the school facilities was conducted for the educational community in order to show off the different changes and adjustments made to better the educational quality for the students.

During the tour we presented to the community the new playground, the school restaurant, the field and installation of soccer nets, the adjustments to the septic tank, the soon to be opened toy library and the new school store, which helps with both the food supply and security for the school. The tour culminated in a visit to the classrooms in which the attendees could see how the redistribution of space gives way to the dual classroom model.

Present on the tour were the Mayor, the Secretary of Education of Quibdó and our teachers, students and managers. At the end of the day they were all part of a symbolic act, which involved writing about their own commitment to quality education and learning spaces on a mural.

We thank all the donors that allow us to continue building decent spaces within which we offer quality education to Colombian children and youth. We also want to thank the Mayor and Secretary of Education of Quibdó for continuing to support the educational process.

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