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57 estudiantes participaron en el concurso Plantando Sueños

Encouraging children to pursue their dreams through writing

Bogota Shakira‘s fan club held a contest called “Plantando Sueños” at schools supported by the Foundation in Cartagena, Barranquilla, and Chocó for children to encourage to pursue their dreams through writing.

According to the fan club, the contest sought to creatively encourage children’s dreams through a story made by them to write about how they see themselves in the future and how they contributed to their communities.

The process:

Together with the fan club, we defined three categories to select a group of 10 winners. Then, over a month and a half, more than 50 students between the ages of 5 and 16 submitted their stories to each category.

Once submitted, the stories were published on the fan club and FPD social networks so that followers and members of the Pies Descalzos community could select the 10 finalists.

Each participant let their imagination run wild to capture their dreams on a blank sheet of paper and exploit their creativity. We received stories with stories about policemen, singers, poets, lawyers, soccer players, and dancers, among many others who wanted to present to us what will be their future and their life projects.

The awards ceremony:

After we had the results of the voting, and after releasing the results live, we had a call with each of the winners so that the fan club could get to know them a little more and go deeper into their dreams and goals to achieve.

Of the 10 winners, the first four places won a Tablet and a special box from the club. we want to thank all children who participated in the contest, hoping it was an amazing experience for all.

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