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Drums Of The Night

The institution is committed to interdisciplinary projects which show the transversality and comprehensiveness of learning acquired by children. This is how projects such as “Tambores de la noche (Drums of the night)” integrate the areas of Spanish Language, Social Sciences and Artistic Education.

What is Drums of the Night?

It is a pedagogical strategy which seeks to promote recognition and identification with subjects from their cultural roots through the appropriation of the poetic work of Jorge Artel, Cartagena poet.

This project salvages the historical value of the drum as a communicative element that summons masses and transmits messages. It also seeks to map the origins of the drum and Afro culture to help students strengthen their personal value within society. It also seeks to strengthen the relationship of roots and dignity in children, understanding dignity to mean that each member is respected and valued as an individual and social being.

The Pies Descalzos School in Cartagena has a high Afro-Colombian population with great cultural richness which is reflected in their dance, in their music and in letters that express the customs and identity of Cartagena. It was in this context that the project was launched with artistic presentations of poetic readings, dancing and singing.

We thank the teaching and administrative team that made this beautiful day possible.

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