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Digital Education in Cartagena

We all know that technology has taken our contexts, our everyday life; to this new reality, many academics call it The Digital Information Age, or simply The Information Age. It is in this context that many of our young people do not escape, exposed to social networks, the internet, new ways of relating and even the presence and usability of technology within the classroom.

Jordy Urbany is an anthropologist, adviser, trainer and teacher in the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. In the month of August he made the launch of his book “Hyperconnected? in the city of Cartagena, at which time he took the opportunity to hold a workshop on Digital Education with the Tenth grade students of the Pies Descalzos Educational Institution.

In a world of digital revolution, it emphasizes the importance of guaranteeing a basic competence to favor the personal and social development of students. It also highlights the fact of taking advantage of the methodological possibilities to personalize learning and to develop them in a cooperative way. Or, if the proper use of technology is not given, a digital divide can be generated, which increases as society changes.

During the workshop, the advantages and disadvantages of digital education were discussed; digital resources were shown that existed and were not used for lack of knowledge; a reflection was made to become aware of simple things like how many hours a day you dedicate to the screens? What kind of activity? Do you sleep with your cell phone? Do you consult while driving? The main reflection that was presented to the students was to find a balance between connection and disconnection.

Thus, through the conversation, it was concluded that digital culture and the internet bring new ways of seeing, living, thinking and feeling the world, ways that transform our society and that force us to seek the best way to relate to it.


Thanks Jordy for this helpful workshop!

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