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Courageous Antarctic Pre-Expedition

During the last months the scientist Paola Tello visited us with her project “Antarctica for Courageous”, developing this initiative through it’s educational, audiovisual and play workshops in the three schools we have intervention.

“Antarctica for Courageous” is a project led in Colombia, developed to discuss the role of women in science and the importance of actions to take care of the planet.. Who better to bring this project than Paola Tello, the first Colombian scientist selected to be part of Homeward Bound “Mother Earth needs her daughters”; a global network of one thousand scientists trained to be leaders and influence the future due of climate change.

Through the intervention axis Public Education of Quality we are interested in the development of decent learning environments. We have worked the last year in the culture care construction, the promotion of decent and pleasant environments, inside and outside the classroom, as well as the responsible use of resources. In this way we call on the entire educational population to be aware of the good practices of care and protection of their environments.

This is how Paola Tello’s visit is connected with the Pies Descalzos work, because through videos the children has the opportunity to know Antartica. Its climate, landscapes, the penguins life, they could also Get to know the icebergs magnitude at first hand, the imminent power of global warming, and so, finally understood how each of our actions and decisions influence climate change.

Today, we thank to Paola, this Colombian pride and female empowerment, for sharing her knowledge and raising awareness among children and young people about the importance of caring the planet.

Courageous Antarctic Pre-Expedition in Pies Descalzos Schools




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