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Alejandra Moreno, a Devoted Teacher

Alejandra Moreno, a teacher at the Maria Berchmans School – Pies Descalzos Foundation, describes herself as a warrior, who strives to achieve the goals she sets, trying to do and give the best; She´s the mother of four children and oldest sister of six brothers.

The teacher Alejandra Moreno, tells that she has been at the Antonio Ricaurte Educational Institution for 12 years, and that in December of 2018 she was informed of her nomination to be part of the “Todos aprenden” program. Through her testimony we want to exalt her work and her motivations during her performance as a teacher.

“I decided to be a teacher because I liked to help my brothers when they were studying; I also helped my neighbors, my mother was a great motivation because she was illiterate, I did not want anyone else in my family to be left without learning, so I taught and they would call me the “boss”. My only fear to devote myself to teaching was mathematics, I remember sometimes saying that I would study something that had nothing to do with mathematics, but my desire to be a teacher was greater, so I made an effort in the area.

I started my teaching experience in “hogares bienestar” where my mother was a community mother and I was an auxiliary to her. There I understood that what I like the most about being a teacher is being able to contribute to the integral formation of boys and girls, essentially in their early childhood.

Last year I was notified of the nomination to be a tutor for the program “Todos aprenden”, all because my average performance evaluation according to the decree that welcomes me (278) has consecutively averaged 9 and that is a reason to be promoted to tutor. When I received the news I analyzed it, I reflected on it and then I called the principal of the head office and ratified my decision not to accept the nomination. This is because I really like what I do, I see the results in my students and in the recognition other people make about me.

Since I arrived in my classroom I feel full of confidence in myself, I am very aware of my students, and I also have a good relationship with their parents, because I believe that between them and I we must speak the same language to achieve good results in the education of children “.


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