Footprints for life
Who we are

Somos una organización, creada por la artista Shakira en 1997, enfocada en apoyar la educación en Colombia desde hace más de 17 años. Buscamos contribuir a los desafíos de calidad de la infraestructura educativa, de la docencia y de los procesos de innovación que enfrenta la educación en el país y en Latinoamérica.

Our Vision

We want the next generation of Colombians to see education as a vehicle of change to dream, build and fulfill their life project.

Our Mission

We focus our efforts in: 

1. Building proper educational infrastructure projects to increase coverage, access and permanence in school with spaces for learning.

2. Developing pedagogical projects to impact the teaching-learning processes, working hand in hand with teachers to increase educational and labor expectations in the country.

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fundacion pies descalzos educacion en colombia donaciones shakira


Shakira creates the Pies Descalzos Foundation in Colombia after her first international success.

fundacion pies descalzos educacion en colombia donaciones shakira


Shakira is named UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

fundacion pies descalzos educacion en colombia donaciones shakira


Shakira receives the “Solidarity Recognition” from ayuda en Acción. She also win the Spirit of Hope at the Billboard Latin Music Awards.

fundacion pies descalzos educacion en colombia donaciones shakira


Shakira receives recognition from the Charity Persönlichkeit, Bild.

fundacion pies descalzos educacion en colombia donaciones shakira


MTV presents the Award “Agentes de Cambio”. She is invited to speak at Oxford University to talk about her philanthropy work as well as the importance of Early Childhood Education.

fundacion pies descalzos educacion en colombia donaciones shakira

2010 | 1

Shakira is recognized with the Young Leader Award from the International Young Leaders Foundation, which highlights her trajectory as an example for new generations. After the earthquake that struck Haiti in January 2010, Shakira visited Port-au-Prince and pledged to support education in the country.

2010 | 2

During the month of June, the Mango-Waka Waka campaign was launched, led by Shakira, with the aim of raising funds for the construction of a multipurpose hall in a school in Soweto (Southeast of Johannesburg – South Africa).

2010 | 3

Shakira performed the traditional Freixenet (champagne brand) Christmas commercial, and donated her entire payment for the construction of two new schools in Port-au-Prince (Haiti) and Cartagena (Colombia).

fundacion pies descalzos educacion en colombia donaciones shakira


Former President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, names Shakira as a member of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics.

fundacion pies descalzos educacion en colombia donaciones shakira


At the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena Shakira participated in the ALAS-BID awards for the promotion of early childhood development.

fundacion pies descalzos educacion en colombia donaciones shakira


Order of Princess Isabella (November 20, 2013), granted by the Borbones of India for humanitarian works carried out through the Barefoot Foundation.

fundacion pies descalzos educacion en colombia donaciones shakira


Shakira was recognized as a “Hero” at the Radio Disney Music Awards. This award was given in recognition of her philanthropic trajectory, as well as her work with the children of Colombia and the world that she has developed through the Pies Descalzos Foundation. Best leader in Colombia 2014

fundacion pies descalzos educacion en colombia donaciones shakira


Shakira Mebarak receives the Crystal Award at the World Economic Forum for her leadership in education and early childhood development.

fundacion pies descalzos educacion en colombia donaciones shakira


The World Literacy Summit and the World Literacy Council are awarding Shakira the 2020 International Literacy Prize for her significant contribution to global education.

Patricia Sierra

Executive Director

“We educate to transform realities, since education is inclusion and equity in order for all the children to initiate the career of their lives in the same starting line. We can only achieve this with quality education”

Juan A Lemus

Administrative And Financial Management

“It’s passion and it moves us, it is the opportunity to change thousands of children and young people’s lives, this is what really matters and what we feel proud of”

Carolina Quiroga

Project Director

"Education is the most accurate way for two vital social transformations: Reduce inequalities and break down prejudices"

Javier Ruiz

Monitoring And Evaluation

"Contributing and seeing improvements in education is to recognize that among all we have the potential required to transform our society and live together in peace"

Claudia Patricia Trochez

Pedagogical Leader in Learning through Play proyect (LEGO) - Caquetá

"Education is the most powerful tool we have to change our reality and empower new generations".

Carlos Echeverri

Todos Al Cole Project Manager

"Rethinking education to give children the possibility of being capable, powerful and empathetic humans"

Henry Beltrán

Todos Al Cole Monitoring And Evaluation - Todos Al Cole

"For an education that allows to develop us, impact others and transform our environments"

Julián Salazar Vargas

Pedagogical And Permanence Professional - Todos Al Cole

"Education changes thoughts, impacts lives, and provides opportunities to build a society where everyone is happy and valued in diversity."

Natalia Bernal

Communications and Advocay Coordinator

“Through education we shape children with character and unique values to create a better world"

Alejandra Samudio

Product Manager

“Let's pursue together the goal that all girls and boys have access to quality education, to have more capable people with more fulfilled dreams in the future"

Gina Acosta

Administrative Assistant And Human Resources

“Educating is orientating, is creating, is giving opportunities, and is making an easier path to do new things”

Nataly Olaya


“Education leads us in the search for a better future; contributing with knowledge acquired during a long process of learning and living experiences”

Carol Patiño

Administrative And Accountant Assistant

“With education we empower our children to make wise and informed decisions to forge a better future”

Leydi Manuela Mosquera

Territorial coordinator

“I believe in education as a transforming tool because it draws the most sincere and shiny smiles on the saddest faces”

Leonar Salas

Liason And Follow-Up Professional - Quibdó

"Education is fundamental to childhood development. it will determine what tomorrow's adults will be like"

Álvaro Rodríguez

Territorial coordinator

Education is the most provocative tool for knowing the world, interacting with it and transforming it for the common good.

Luis Alexander Vargas

Educational Manager

"Education is the way to understand the world, to make a place for ourselves in it, to live together and to achieve our purposes as a society"

Jeackeline Sánchez

Educational Manager

“Education is the path that drives to coexistence"

Alfredo de Jesús Flórez Llanos

Educational Manager

"Education is key to overcoming gaps of social inequity and achieving the dream of a better country, with better opportunities and with all our young people transforming realities"

Estefany Parra Díaz

Territorial Research Professional

"Education is a social transformation process and a liberating practice that leads us to establish a commitment with ourselves and with society."

María Carolina Sará

Territorial coordinator - Todos al Cole

"To educate means to transform; to provide human beings with tools so that through their actions, they can turn their environment into a better place".

Marlon Guerrero Amarís

Todos al Cole Strategic Partnerships Barranquilla

“Education is a right to learn”

Vanessa Pacheco

Todos al Cole Alliances Professional

“Education is our responsibility because it is the tool that allows us to transform, unlearn and co-create the reality of children and our own”

Wilmer Salas 

Field Professional

"Education is the magic with we positively change the reality of a country"

Albanis Rosa De La Hoz Guzman

Field Professional

"Education is the basis of progress and transformation of a society"

Jomadis Martínez Zuñiga

Field Professional

"Education allows for autonomous and critical thinking, to build spaces for personal and professional growth."

Ofelia Ortega Jiménez 

Field Professional

"Education enables the development of a whole being, changing lives and opening possibilities for a better future."

Rosa Del Valle Salas

Field Professional

"Education is one of the most important acts for human beings; their evolution and development depend on it."

Jeyson David Paternina

Field Professional

"Education is the means that allows us to break down the barriers of inequality."

Alan Stiven Granados

Field Professional

"Education is the tool that allows us to be constantly evolving."

Andrea Carolina Herrera

Field Professional

"Education is the fundamental basis for the transformation and development of a country."

Yarelis María Ríos

Field Professional

"By bringing about change in children and their families, education also ensures an equitable country."

Gineth Natalia Pastrana 

Field Professional

"Education is a construction of learning that can be used in different contexts and situations, as well as being the impulse that allows us to change realities."

María Claudia Henríquez

Field Professional

"Education is freedom"

Ana Vanessa Consuegra


"Education is the ideal transformation of the human being that makes possible to improve the world"

Naldis de Jesús Bermudez Rivas

Tutoring support

Education is the recognition of cultural, moral and intellectual knowledge, reflection, self-knowledge and autonomy.

Janeth Patricia Echeverría Sarabia

Specialized team in Math

It is a gift that allows us to be better human beings at the service of society.

José David De La Rosa

Specialized team in Language

"Education is the opportunity to believe that anything is possible."

Andrés Felipe Polo

Accountant Assistant

"The change in education fills us with happiness and hope"

María Camila Barrios 


"La educación es la brújula que te guía en el camino, para conseguir tus sueños, no importa el lugar donde te encuentres"

Alejandro Hernandez Prada

Educational manager

"Adaptive and disruptive like a mycelium, this is how education should be"

Karen Yojana Garcés

Territorial coordinator - Todos al Cole

"I conceive education as a continuous, permanent, dynamic and unfinished process that allows man to transcend and transform his contexts"

Lucerly Contreras 

Field professional

"Educate with love and never stop learning."

María Fernanda Blanco 

Field professional

"Education is the greatest act of resistance in the face of mental scarcity"

John Jairo García  

Field professional

"Education is what survives when what has been learned has already been forgotten." (B.F.Skinner 1904-1990)

Keyla Patricia Olmos

Field professional

"Education is a vehicle for social transformation."

Martha Vargas Mendoza

Field Professional

"Education is the art of teaching in order to learn and transform realities."

María Alexandra Nieto Arroyo

Field Professional

"Education is the path to wisdom. To innovate, to create, it is to learn"

Viviana Polo Del Toro  

Field professional

"Education is art that we can capture with a brush of a thousand colors"

Jocelyn Miranda Petro

Field professional

Jonathan Correa

Field professional

"Thanks to education we know the value and importance of human connection."

Róniz Cáceres Valdéz 

Field professional

"Education is an engine whose revolutions are generating a remarkable change in reality."

Lizeth Martínez

Field professional

"Education, in addition to enriching culture, is the first condition for freedom, democracy and sustainable development. (Kofin Annan)"

Kelly Ortega Torres

Field professional

"The intelligence of the mind with knowledge is learned."

Melisa Margarita Carmona Cruzate

Field professional

"Education is the key that allows us to open all the doors for the progress of a society"

María Angélica Aleán

Specialized team in Psychosocial

"Education is a process that allows us to transform realities from creativity and love"

Oswaldo Castellanos García

Specialized team in Math

"The education of a people is the awakening to a more equitable and just society."

Carolina Margarita Bustamante


Education is a vocation that is carried out with love for the well-being of society, always thinking of children

Cindy Contreras

Accountant support

"Education is the present and the future, because it allows us to open our minds to dream and to be able to fly to the goal we wish to reach"

Silem Loranne Díaz Brito

Territorial coordinator - Guajira Transitando la Escuela

"Education is necessary for the development of all people, starting with childhood. If we educate with love, safe, compassionate and kind children and youth will be formed. Education is the best path to peace"

Rosmira Lisbeth Deluque Polo

Educational Manager

"Education is the opportunity to improve yourself and give you a better future"

Yuli Lilian Epiayu Finol

Educational Manager

"Education is a transformation process that allows you to walk paths full of opportunities"

Territorial coordinator - Tibú

Yamaira Becerra

"Education is the acquisition of knowledge obtained throughout life, to put it into practice and become better people every day"

Leidy Marisol Higuera Carrillo

Educational Manager

"Education is the continuous learning process that human beings have"

Flor Mayerly Blanco Ascencio

Educational Manager

"To educate is to guide from childhood through meaningful learning in search of social transformation"

Leidy Alejandra Rojas Ortiz

Educational Manager

"Education is a key element for the cognitive and emotional maturation"

Lorena Vargas Andrade

Educational Manager

"There's no such a perfect instrument to transform the nations around the world than education"

Lina Mayerly Ramírez Arévalo

Territorial Leader in Learning through Play proyect (LEGO) - Caquetá

"Education must go hand in hand with the game since in this way a correct understanding and children learning is achieved"

Jamy Vanessa Méndez

Educational Manager - Río Juego y Aprendo project

"Education is the permanent learning process for life, based on norms, values and meaningful experiences"

Yerly Cardozo

Educational Manager - Río Juego y Aprendo project

"Education is a right that allows enhancing skills, strengthening knowledge and progressively building identity and autonomy"

Yadira Palomina

Educational Manager - Río Juego y Aprendo project

"Education is a knowledge process for learning, production and transformation that brings changes to the world"

Diego Barragán

Educational Manager - Río Juego y Aprendo project

"Education is the opportunity to weave bonds and significant experiences to face the challenges of living"

Luis Cortés

Educational Manager - Río Juego y Aprendo project

"Education is the opportunity we all have to grow within our society, seeking to share knowledge and form integral people"

Erika Gómez

Educational Manager - Río Juego y Aprendo project

"It is a fundamental right that allows the acquiring, exploring and developing new learning, through diverse methodologies and educational approaches"

Johanna Ariza

Educational Manager - Río Juego y Aprendo project

"It is a valuable opportunity to allow children, and teenagers to explore their abilities, skills and acquire significant learning through play"

Mauricio Quemba

Educational Manager - Río Juego y Aprendo project

"Education is the open door to an endless world of learning opportunities and possibilities"

Educational Manager - Río Juego y Aprendo project

Alejandro Santo Domingo

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Grupo Empresarial Bavaria S.A. and Valorem S.A. Member and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of SABMiller PLC and member of the Boards of Directors of several NGOs around the world.

Bruce Mac Master

Co-Founder of Compartamos con Colombia and the Granitos de Paz Foundation. In 2012 he was Director of the Department for Social Prosperity and Mayor in charge of Cartagena. Member of the Board of Directors of several NGOs.

Enrique Narciso

Former director of multiple financial institutions. Former Partner and member of the Board of Directors of General de Seguros in Venezuela. Founding partner of technology companies.

Antonio Celia

Former President of Promigas and creator of Fundación Promigas. Former member of the Board of Directors of Empresarios por la Educación and of several Colombian NGOs.

Maria Emma Mejía

Ambassador of Colombia to the UN until 2019. Former Minister of Education and Foreign Affairs of Colombia. Ambassador of Colombia in Spain and Secretary General of the UNASUR. From 2003 to 2011 she was President of the Pies Descalzos Foundation.