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Promoting Permanence

From the school permanence component of the project carried out alongside Educate A Child, we support 20,000 elementary school children who are at risk of dropping out of school to remain at it.

For this purpose, we create the Centro Aprende strategy to provide after-school support to children who need to improve their language and math skills, as well as psychosocial support.


First, the strategy promotes learning through play practices, focused on human rights, gender, citizenship skills, and diversity, through activities and materials for children.

Also, to date, we have supported 17,898 children to benefit from the school permanence strategy and continue studying in their public schools.

In addition, we carried out other activities such as delivering school kits and uniforms to encourage students to stay in school. We will deliver 7,000 uniforms and more than 7,600 kits throughout the project.

On the other hand school permanence also supports teachers and principals of the project to strengthen their practices at school through pedagogical and socioemotional tools.

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