Fundación Pies Descalzos


We Leave Our Green Footprint

Taking care of our planet is a matter for all of us. Pies Descalzos is committed to generate spaces for reflection and to take action over the environment in which we live.

Young Entrepreneurs

For the second consecutive year, two teams from Pies Descalzos Colleges were invited to participate in the Emprende Challenge.

Commemoration Day Of The Victims In Chocó

In the post-conflict context that our country is currently living in, we want to accompany and promote the processes of reconciliation, peace and tolerance that our educational community lives.

We Celebrate The Water Day

Within our educational model, we consider it very important to include moments and projects in which care for the environment prevails.

Visual Health Brigade

At Pies Descalzos Foundation we are convinced that a quality public education has to be complemented by different strategies and care.

Our Teachers, Fundamental Actors

The role of teachers is fundamental in any society. We all have had a teacher who has impact in our lives, we have all at one time been teachers of others, and with our example we formed the youngest.