The challenge for teachers is to position the place they live, that is why during the workshop they are invited to investigate and document what happens in their classrooms;  this with the firm purpose of transcending the institutional and that the exercise has a strong meaning in everyday life.

Freddy, history of overcoming

Each student arrives at Pies Descalzos to teach us life lessons; In the mornings it is gratifying to see them arrive with their stories and their smiles, with their dreams ahead and ready to learn. This is the case of Freddy, a student who arrives riding on his skateboard, with a big smile, greeting everyone he meets on his way and receiving fraternal embraces.

Let’s play clean and in peace

We recognize sports and cultural spaces as fundamental for the development of socio-emotional skills of children.  It is in this context that Juguemos Limpio y en Paz is configured as a strategy for the integration, participation and inclusion of the children of the María Berchmans institution.

Love for the Letters

From grade zero to grade eleven, the children participate in the spaces for the promotion of reading, so that they like letters and writing

Dances and “Comparsas”

The community of Pies Descalzos Barranquilla headquarters enjoyed the start of Carnival 2019 with dances, songs and troupes full of joy.

Improve Yourself

With the aim of promoting discipline and teamwork, workshops were held at the Martial Arts School at the Pies Descalzos Educational Institution of Cartagena. These trainings are considered essential for the development of abilities necessary to face life and more than that, so that our students can make positive impact and change in their community.  … Read more