Fundación Pies Descalzos


Love for the Letters

From grade zero to grade eleven, the children participate in the spaces for the promotion of reading, so that they like letters and writing

Dances and “Comparsas”

The community of Pies Descalzos Barranquilla headquarters enjoyed the start of Carnival 2019 with dances, songs and troupes full of joy.

Improve Yourself

With the aim of promoting discipline and teamwork, workshops were held at the Martial Arts School at the Pies Descalzos Educational Institution of Cartagena. These trainings are considered essential for the development of abilities necessary to face life and more than that, so that our students can make positive impact and change in their community.  … Read more

We Make Music

The Music Production Club is an initiative aimed at students who live in areas of difficult access to Information Technology tools. During three weeks, the students lived an experience in which, through the learning of simple techniques of musical production, they activate soft skills and mathematical thinking, allowing them to obtain abilities to solve daily  … Read more

Alejandra Moreno, a Devoted Teacher

Alejandra Moreno, a teacher at the Maria Berchmans School – Pies Descalzos Foundation, describes herself as a warrior, who strives to achieve the goals she sets, trying to do and give the best; She´s the mother of four children and oldest sister of six brothers. The teacher Alejandra Moreno, tells that she has been at  … Read more

Learning Environments

During the Institutional Week, the first meeting of the year took place among the group of teachers and academic directors of the Pies Descalzos Foundation Educational Institution – Barranquilla. The space helped the teachers go through different pedagogical, academic and didactic subjects, corresponding to the development of the activities of the school year. The Pies  … Read more

The Start of Two New Dreams!

In November 2018, the first phase of the Nuevo Bosque and Villas de Aranjuez projects began. These two new educational institutions will be located in Barranquilla and Cartagena respectively.