Fundación Pies Descalzos


We Support feeding in La Guajira

Thanks to Oma Café Restaurant and Foundation nu3 for allowing us to build the change of their hand. Together we have started the recovery with a nutritional strategy in La Guajira.

Courageous Antarctic Pre-Expedition

Pies Descalzos students had an approach to the life of Antarctica and the importance of environmental care within the visit of the “Antarctica for Courageous” project.

Mobile Country

Mobile Country is an initiative of the Alliance for Reconciliation Program of the United States Agency for International Development that operates in Colombia. The platform functions with a bus that will travel for 6 months working on the construction of memories, awareness and mobilization, etc.

Parenting School

From our intervention of Tools for Life, we are convinced that educational spaces are not only for children and young people enrolled in our educational institutions, but also for parents and the entire community that inhabits the neighborhoods where we intervene.

Let’s Recognize Ourselves Among Differences

The Pies Descalzos Foundation launched the project “Colores Piel”, hoping that the children learn and recognize through a color box, that there is more than one Skin tone and not only the universally known pink, but yellow, pink, brown and black tones which exist around the whole world. 

The Healer

Each solidarity demonstration we receive in the Pies Descalzos Foundation, fills us with joy and motivates us to keep on working hard towards a Quality Public Education for our Colombian children.